Five Years and Still Learning

This is not a job for the faint of heart
Nor those whose hearts
Are fixated on money, power, or prestige.

It is a calling and a passion
A way of being
That will define you, mold you
And if you let it,
Break you.

I have seen beautiful homes
Housing ugly hearts
And I have seen houses falling apart
Filled with so much love
It would take your breath away.

I have laughed hard
And cried often
I have driven up and down 42, 55, and 295
And I have also driven my teammates and supervisor crazy
But they still want me around
So I guess I'm doing okay.

I have filled out forests of paperwork
Made calls from dusk till dawn
Still I love what I do
So I keep coming back
To inspire, encourage, and empower.

So my advice after 5 years is this
When you're buried beneath charts
And feel like you're going to scream if that one parent
Calls you one more time.

Remember why we're here
To encourage, to inspire, and to empower
To teach families that it won't be perfect
But eventually it will be okay.